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Sometimes I just need a good laugh or a pick me up. It was just one of those days recently. I tried reading some stuff in the newspaper but nothing was helping. I did a research online and stumbled upon a great site called http://ubergnome.com. This website helped to cheer me up right away!

One of the reasons as to why it helped cheer me up is because of all the pictures that they have featured. I couldn’t stop laughing. I give the Daily Uber Morning Picture Number One a five star rating. That’s just a classic picture that got me laughing so hard. I decided to go down the page some more and found some other awesome pictures. I think that I’ll never look at coffee time the same again! You’ll have to see the picture in order to know exactly what I am talking about and trust me, you’ll be laughing for awhile when you see it!

After I looked at all of those pictures I decided to go back to the home page. I went back to the first category and decided to see what it was all about because my mind was just focused on finding something funny and now, I knew that since I laughed a lot I wouldn’t mind looking at other pictures. The fifth picture has my vote at five star! Yep, I couldn’t agree with it more!

I decided that I needed to cool down some and scrolled down to the Uber Nights featured on the home page. I believe that the number one picture pretty much describes my life and everything right now! It was perfect and made me laugh again.

I must say that I am so very happy that I found http://ubergnome.com. All of the pictures featured really lifted up my spirits and not only did I have some happy moments but I also had some nice steaming moments thanks to their featured pictures. I’ve bookmarked http://ubergnome.com and I’ve decided that every day I’ll be checking them out because this way I know that every day I’ll be in for a laugh and I’ll be in for a very hot moment. All I can say is, if you don’t believe me then you should really go and check it out yourself! You might even find yourself tweeting and telling your friends about the pictures because it’s just a wonderful website and one I’ll be going to often!

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