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The way in which people look for products and services has changed in the last years. Each of us used to depend on directories like the Yellow Pages when we required to look for a service provider, but nowadays more than 80% of your prospective clients will search for those exact same things using the internet.

Businesses that know how to use the internet efficiently are now seeing a growth four times faster than others that don’t.

But only creating a website will not get you new clients magically
Your website needs to be found by new customers when they are in search of the products and/or services that your business provides.

That’s when the London Marketing Agency comes to your aid.

We are a company specialized in internet marketing and SEO for small businesses in the London area.

One example of one of our london marketing campaigns:

We targeted a keyword with 6000+ searches every month and in five days we are now in the first page of google! And with a keyword with more than 20 Million (yes, million) of competing websites!
This means that just with just one London Marketing campaign you would receive 300 to 2000 new prospective clients visiting your website every month. And this just from one keyword string that prospects use to look for businesses like yours. Imagine what could happen if we used 5, 10 or 20 of those search strings.
You would get 3000 to 30000 new clients visiting your website each month!
Even if just one in a hundred (1%) picks up the phone to contact you and buy from you, that means 30 to 300 new clients each month!
And we are sure that more than just 1% of the people who search for a business decide to buy from them.

This is the reason why when you want to choose the right London Marketing agency you have to ask them if they are up to date with the recent technologies like search engine optimization that will hepl your business to be found in the search engines like google and yahoo.
In fact we do more than this, we can help your local business to rank in the first pages of google and yahoo.
Obviously this is marketing and is not an exact science, but we’re confident that we will produce resutls each and every time and the results will surprise you.

Of course there are other aspects to consider about an internet marketing campaign, like the ones that help you improve and maintain your relationship with existing clients (email followups, social media, etc), but for sure if you provide a good service the most important part is to help your business get new clients.

To conclude: small businesses ought to have a visible online presence to draw in new prospective clients.

No matter how large or small your business, improving your internet presence is a must to draw in and retain customers. The London Marketing Agency is a leading Marketing and Internet Marketing company in London. If your company could receive benefits from increasing its online visibility and be found in the search engines, please visit our website.

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